Is a phrase that when uttered usually means something worse than death. But this time its a good thing. We think we’ve found a solution to the issue my truck dying has caused.

They’ve had an idea for a while now to sell Our 2000 Honda Odyssey and get something smaller and more fuel efficient. But now they wanna get something smaller and fuel efficient THEN sell the van, so that way everyone has something to drive while my truck is in sick bay.

So I essentially I need to buy a car for my dad, drive it till my truck is fixed then give it to my parents so they can sell the Piece of crap van.

Now let me tell ya’ll about the Odyssey and why it no longer fits our needs; My mom bought it new back when my brother and I were in elementary school (because dont you know all soccer moms need a minivan?). But now that my brother and I are grown and moved out my dad drives it and my mom bought a 2010 CRV.

Now my dad.... Ugghhh... Hes a bad driver. Since he started driving it, its aquired a plethora of large and small scrapes, paint transfers and dents. Yes hes the guy in parking lots everybody hates. Look what happened when he drove my truck to Home Depot with me and he tried to park it:

Keep in mind the Odyssey is roughly as long as my truck


He also drives it very little; I did the oil change back in February at 96,992 miles and now its at 97,900 and 200 of those miles were me this past week. He takes public transport to work and only drives it to get groceries and to go to doctors appointments. There is no point keeping a metallic grey whale that gets 14mpg that he cant park around anymore.

So here’s the criteria:

- Less than $8000 asking price

- 20+ city mpg

- Small

- Dealer or Private Seller (Used Cars Only)

- Automatic

My parents and I are actively looking but I was wondering what the Oppo Hive Mind could find.


I found this and my parents seemed to like it, my dad had a 2005 that he bought new, and totaled it in 2012 at 27k miles after a guy in a lancer rear ended him when my dad stopped at a yellow light (like I said hes a bad driver).