...on the Maserati Levante. When the first images dropped I absolutely hated it. It was fat, ugly, and dated. But it was also pearl white with white trim. Now for those who don’t know, pearl white is the worst possible color for any car. Pearl white ruins everything; it’s the Damen Lindelof of colors. But Maserati offers a lot of better, darker colors that complement it much better.

I would go so far as to call it pretty in that green, or that brown, which in reality is much deeper and chocolatier. I like the shape and placement of the grille, that epic trident logo. The slim headlights are purposeful and the foglight placement really works. I still think the roofline and D-pillar need work, but the muscular haunches most definitely don’t. So sorry Maserati, I misjudged you. But you were in pearl white so you kinda deserved it.