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So I've made a list of what needs to be fixed on my Miata... (Updated)

I’m keeping it and fixing it. Here’s what I did so far and I’ve found a few more things to do. Lucky me, people are selling lots of used parts online. So I can fix it up for really cheap.

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Here goes.

-Broken rear sway bar +bushing replacement

-Leaking rear and front crank seal

-Clutch slave cylinder 30$

-Replace idler pulley for the timing belt (ordered) 55$

-Replace the gasket on both intake and exhaust manifold (ordered) 35$

-Replace the gasket for the EGR valve and the throttle body (ordered) 20$

-Replace the downpipe 30$ Used

-Replace the U-bolt that holds it

-Replace the Yonaka catback for a stock catback.

-Replace the PCV valve and its grommet (ordered) 20$

-Replace the valve cover gasket

-Fuel filter replacement

-Replace the rubber fuel lines to the injector rail 8$

-Clean the Idle Air Control 0$

-Replace the brake lines on 4 corners for braided SS ones 70$

-Replace all the shock absorbers (already at home) 120$

-Replace the front pads

-Replace the rear driver side caliper 70$ used

-Alignment 90$

-Replace the tires

-Replace the tie rod ends

-Replace the sway bar links on 4 corners

-Lubricate, clean and grease the calipers. 0$

-Grease the drive shaft. 0$

-Add all the missing bolts (ordered) 30$

-Readjust the idle properly. 0$

-Replace the wiper motor.


-Replace the seats

-Replace the whole carpet

-Replace the right front fender

-Replace the front bumper for one in better condition

-Get the frame inspected (needs a tad fix in front)

-Replace the whole front radiator support

-Get the whole car painted

-Fix my hardtop

-Find out what parts are missing....

I’ll repost this post when lots of work has been done. Perhaps each week.

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