So, Jezza is (maybe) getting the boot, given his walking papers, let go with a pat on the rear and a tap on the head but it's too late, like Oppenheimer reflected; he has become the destroyer of worlds. Clarkson will be fine (don't cry for me Argentina - no Argentina jokes, please) but his impact on culture will echo down the ages. This brings us to wonder: What are your favourite Clarkson moments?

There are so many, the man was practically an automotive meme-machine (the 911 is a Beetle and all American cars are crap!) and a tour de force of pop-culture infection. Many of the greatest moments in Clarkson history weren't even Top Gear moments (I say, is that person about to hit the Jezza with a pie?!) given his reach went far beyond the 250 million viewers. The dynamic, dynamite (as in, prone to sudden, catastrophic explosion) relationship shared by "the boys" elicited many of these monumental moments but there is no doubting that, with or without the Top Gear branded soap box to stand upon and pontificate from, Clarkson (my heart will...) go on going on. He'll find a way to throw a slightly effeminate punch (heard round the world) at some poor chap, argue with Simon (you are fat, Mr Cowbell) or Piers (really, we replaced King with this fop?) all while remaining, at least ostensibly, in the limelight.

He'll be fine (are we really protesting this?) as he's fabulously wealthy (seriously, all the names on that petition don't add up to his net worth) and will undoubtedly be back on the airwaves in time (every contract can be fought, every body panel dinged) but we'd (me and the voices in my head) really like to know; what were your favourite Clarkson moments of History?