I’m glad you asked. When I got the Monte home the other night, it was both getting dark and raining. I was personally soaked because when I picked the car up, I had to swap the LR wheel to the stock one because it was sitting on a borrowed spare. But its much nicer outside today, so I took a few pictures.

This really shows you everything relevant. As you can see, the left rear is a hot mess, and I’ll have to do something about it...and I think that something is going to involve pop rivets and a sheet of stainless steel. The rest of the outside of the car is pretty good.

Words can not express how much I hate those stupid bullet hole stickers.


Interior is a little faded, but solid. Whole bunch of electrical gremlins to chase...no right turn signals, no tail lights (but I’ve got brake lights, so that might just be bulbs), radio won’t power on.


And sneaky my favorite part of it:

I’ve never had a car where the fuel filler was behind the license plate. I’ve had them on both sides, I’ve had a front fender (Corvair) and I’ve had Jaguar saddle tanks on an XJ12, but not behind the plate, so that’s cool.


Anyway, I feel really good about the car for $850. Next week I’ll get the starter fixed and look at the electrical stuff, maybe start on that left rear quarter, then it’ll just get driven for a while.