Current leader: Duurtlang (Suggested a manual Lancia Minivan with blue alcantara dashboard and blue leather seats sold by a guy called Erdogan)

Le Van is a 2008 Renault Espace 2.0dci 150 that has been owned by us (more specifically my dad) since 2009 and has done 278,000 kilometers since. Unfortunately in the past few months the problems have been starting to pile up, highlights include it catching fire for no reason and without any damage done to the car, the turbo shitting itself and a wheel falling off. Given the legendary Renault reliability it is a probability that another spectacular incident is bound to happen, so one might consider replacing it with something in slightly better condition.

Since previously no one gave a damn about my recommendations (what do you mean a dutch-built 1990 Volvo 440 Turbo is a less sensible choice than a 1.4 Nissan Note) I will do anything in my ability to get him the most ridiculous proposition that is just about feasible for less than €10k. That means anything is possible, as long as it meets a certain set of criteria and said budget including shipping, sales tax and registration.

Le Criteria: Le job requires him to do all of the driving every year, thus anything not diesel is basically out by default. It also requires him to transport much work related stuff and he is an avid golfer, so the bottom line is that it needs a ton of cargo space. Because he has to deal with not one, but two driving beginners insurance must be cheap. Finally just a little bit of reliability is required. Total initial cost must be <€10,000.

Friendly reminder: The goal of this challenge is NOT to find the best car for the job, the goal is to find the most STUPID and UNREASONABLE vehicle possible that just about meets his buying criteria.