I want to tell you a story about how I’m happy to not have to drive downtown anymore. I was down there for a meeting today and was nearly run off the road...twice.

Time the first.

Sitting at a double left turn, me on the outside and a Telsa on the inside, that goes onto a road with 3 lanes. Light changes, and I go into my middle lane and the Tesla goes into the lane he’s supposed to, for about 10 feet, then he kinda blobs over into my lane without signaling or looking.

If I weren’t paying attention, he would have ran right into me. Stopped at the next light its obvious he needed to be in my lane to turn right soon, so instead of speeding up at the green, signaling and merging in, he kind just gets half in front of me AND DOES IT AGAIN! no signal, just kinda a lazy “imma commin over, mkay?” except I no let him in this time. I guess its my fault really, Its not easy to see my car what with it only being 7 feet tall and all I should try and figure out a way to make it stick out more, and get some louder turn signals.


Time the second.


Sitting at a light; middle lane goes strait only, right lane goes right only, etc. Light is red, pulled up to the red at the same time as a mark II Furd Exploder and as I’m looking upstreet to see if I can turn and as I JUST start making my turn, exploder goes from middle lane to right lane, on the red, right in front of me. gotta catch that train I guess. Also, it was in a hospital zone.