It’s official, the Land Cruiser is sold. I drove it to its new owner in Maine with my dad this morning...about 180 miles each way. New owner is a great guy, I’m sure he’ll be happy with it.

But the real story of today is this guy:


I brought home the Miata. I actually took off my shoes and drove it in my socks, which increased effective legroom an inch and made the car legitimately comfortable for a man of my sizable size. It runs and drives great, needs brakes and tires, which reminds me:

These followed me home from Maine. The guy who bought the Cruiser used to have a Miata, and mentioned he had these brand new wheels and tires in his basement. The wheels are Toyota 15s off something (he thought a Prius), the tires are Falkens with tags still on them. He wanted $700, I offered $500, we settled on $550.


My dad had an interesting perspective on buying them, too. I sold the Cruiser for $6500, but I’m in Maine and don’t want to drive it home. If he offered me $6000, I would have taken it to not have to drive the truck in that weird Twilight Zone way, I paid $50 for the wheels and tires.

Monday I pick up the second half of this whole thing, a 2000 GMC Yukon Denali. That’s the real ‘replacement’ for the Land Cruiser in that it will fulfill daily driving and baby moving duties. That said, I’m going to be driving the Miata whenever I can. Thing is a riot.