Well, there it is. The last picture ever of my garage still kinda being a garage.

We framed it for a 36 inch door and a 36 inch square window. Tomorrow we’ll close it in with 3/4 inch plywood, then disassemble the garage door before hanging the window and door.

The hardest part was that notch you see for the top of the door on the right side. My garage is decently wide, but it’s real low...about 79 inches from the floor to the bottom of that header. Rough opening for the door was 82 inches, and we had to add a 5/4 pressure treated sill under the door, so that means we had to take 4 inches from the header, which thakfully is at least a 2x8...a pair of them, actually.

The cut was made with a Sawzall, and it took 3 blades (probably not really, but we had blades so why not use them) and about 45 minutes between me and my dad taking turns with it. It wasn’t fun, but we got a shockingly straight cut and we nailed the dimensions, so no complaints.


Next week I’m off from work, so I’m going to get my shed into perfect not-garage-but-trying shape.

Oh, and I sold my Monte Carlo because I want a truck. So that’ll be happening soon.