So, looking up a good car movie to watch

Came across the IMDb 'best car' movie list


so..first off. I've never heard of #1.
#2: Drive?! really? #2!??!
#3: F&F 6...okay
#4: Ronin yea, thats a good car movie
#5: Transporter 2: yep, okay car movie...
#6: Family plot
#7: speed trap
#8: surveillance
#9: whats up doc what does #6-9 have in common? I've NEVER heard of them
#10: duel yea, car movie
#11: Crash: ok, what the fuck. let me give you the excerpt from IMDb:

Since a road accident left him with serious facial and bodily scarring, a former TV scientist has become obsessed by the marriage of motor-car technology with what he sees as the raw sexuality of car-crash victims. The scientist, along with a crash victim he has recently befriended, sets about performing a series of sexual acts in a variety of motor vehicles, either with other crash victims or with prostitutes whom they contort into the shape of trapped corpses. Ultimately, the scientist craves a suicidal union of blood, semen, and engine coolant, a union with which he becomes dangerously obsessed.

what. the. fuck.

Rush doesnt show up until #20
Vanishing point? #37
Smoke and the bandit, #70
2 lane black top: 80

BULLIT is #41

IRONMAN?!?!?!?!?!?! is at 88
trans formers, the dark night...HOW are these on this list!?!?
wolf creek..a horror movie... ONE car in it, and its a car movie?!

WTF. there are also a bunch of bond and horror movies on there. 1/2 the F&Fs arent on there, nor is speed racer.

Whoever came up with this list needs to be fired

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