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So many lambs, so little sleep...

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Theres even more now, count went up by 8 last night. Bottle triplets in the house lastthree nights. Feedings eight times a day (soon back to four, once the youngest of the lambs on the dole are a week old)


We’ve got entropion (inverted eyelids) up the yin-yang and had the vet in to staple a bunch, we have a lamb with an abcess on his nose, from which we extracted nearly 1/2 cup of pus today. Two older Blue Face ewes who each had twins and decided they only wanted to care for one... Hay consumption is through thr roof... I do think we have enough... Barely... Depending on how soon the snow meltS, We got another 6-8 inches fresh last night. Operating on caffeine and pizza, and leftovers.


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