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So much for getting any cars done today

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The delivery driver for a fairly common overnight delivery company within the industry (Not UPS or FedEx, but the image worked) was driving down the road with his van doors open, and most of the packages fell out. Conveniently, it was next to the city’s largest homeless shelter and encampments, so folks started walking off with boxes pretty quickly. I’m imagining some poor homeless dude walking around trying to hawk a Bosch alternator.


Note that I didn’t find out from the delivery company. Instead, I got a call from a nearby shop who managed to save one of our several expected parcels, and has taken upon themselves to notify everyone for whom they have one. My driver just got back with the one box that was saved, and it’s an inconsequential part for our shop car, because of course it is. Of the many things I hate this job for, being made to disappoint clients for reasons out of my control is up there. FML.

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