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So Much for My Grand Scheme

I was hoping to swap out my shocks and springs before my cross country trip but since TireRack is taking over 24hrs to even acknowledge that they sent the wrong shocks (confirmed by Koni NA)I don’t have any faith that the correct ones will be sent in a decent time either. So I think I’ll be reinstalling the old, still decent, parts. Lowering springs/shocks are a vanity project and can wait. An oil change and belt replacement were the vital preventative measures, but still disappointing that I couldn’t knock it all out. Might still replace the rear hubs if the new brake rotors come in today. The current rotors are rust welded on, which I should’ve expected, and will need deadly force to extract.

On the bright side, all these suspension bolts will be easier to take out next time. I just hope I didn’t introduce any new squeaks or rattles.


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