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My friend who was going to watch Toby is at the emergency room. While my biggest concern is my friend’s health, this also leaves me without a dog sitter. Toby knows him well, and has spent a lot of time at his house. I know he would be comfortable there for the day, which is why it is a good fit. I have a few SoCal friends, but no one Toby has spent enough alone time with to dog sit. As you Oppos know, the boi is precious to me. I can’t leave him anywhere or with anyone who he doesn’t know well.  I transferred their tickets to my associate and his brother, and will meet them to hand off the parking pass.


So if any of you LA Oppos want a free ticket (a good one) to today's game, let me know and I will electronically transfer via Ticketmaster.  You will have to meet me if you want the parking pass - it is a physical item.  But VIP parking might be worth it.  You will sit with my associate and his brother (who worked for me as a summer job), so you can hear all the dirt.


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