So much for those plans - thanks, UPS

Ordered some detailing supplies and an oil change for the crown vic on Amazon on Monday night, 2-day shipping somehow worked out to Thusday delivery. I planned to give the RX7 a much needed svending and change the oil in the crown vic today (so thursday delivery was fine).

Thursday I got an email saying it was delayed by UPS. Figuring it’d be here Friday, I thought nothing of it (hey, things happen). It didn’t arrive.


This morning I have an email from Amazon saying I’ve been refunded and it was returned to them by UPS! Got on the phone (their support by phone is actually pretty good) to see what was going on. All they could find out was “damaged” - if it was damaged enough that UPS returned it, I’d be really curious to know what happened! My guess is they managed to split the 5qt jug of oil...

What gets me is that if they had let me know on Thursday “hey this is going back to Amazon” I could have ordered the stuff again and had it arrive today (because 2-day shipping).


I’ve re-placed the order but of course it won’t be here until Monday or Tuesday (the oil is slower for some reason) - so long as they don’t destroy it again and not tell me for a couple days.

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