I’m tempted to post each and every car on its own but the mods won’t like that so here they are all at once.

First up is an all-original manual 1987 Supra. No word on if it’s the turbo.

Next to bat is this 1975 Chrysler Cordoba, looks pretty pristine and it’s a neat color comb-OH GOD LOOK AT THAT SEAT CLOTH I NEED IT I NEED IT NOW


After that we have an absolutely brand-new looking manual 1987 Jetta 1.8 coupe.

$1200 Reatta, anyone?


Then there’s this very nice looking E23.

If that’s not your style you could get this manual 1.8T A4 Quattro for an easy $1700.


Lastly we have a $1500 SC400. HIDs & the awful walk-around video the ad links to point to a car you should avoid, so this is a likely CP unless you are itching very badly for one of these.

The video shows a well abused interior and what looks like a broken tach. For your own safety, please turn down your volume before pressing play.


This stuff is all just from a search of <$5000.