It was insanely frigid this morning hovering around, or maybe below zero. I walk out, freezing my ass off to start the Safari.

First the ignition is so cold that it's hard to turn to start. Then after cranking for 10-15 second it groans to life and knocks like nothing I've ever heard. At first I thought it was misfiring, the whole thing was shaking and my groggy self was just full of what the fuck.

It was to the point I was about to nope the hell back inside and grab the M3 keys and risk getting in trouble at school for not having a parking pass. I thought the thing was totally fucked. Then it started warming up and acted fine.

I'm so tired of winter. I'm ready to be able to drive with my sunroof open and windows down.

Have a CTS-V for actually reading my ramblings.


Oh yeah, I also saw the aftermath of a car fire this morning on the highway, the car burnt to a crisp? A '96 Impala SS.