Having done the entirety of the floor pans on this car, I’ve gotten good at removing undercoating and failed seam sealer with nothing more than a 1" scraper, but it doesn’t make it suck much less.

An in-progress shot. The very-black spot is an area I cleaned, primed, and painted a while ago to make sure the paint I got had the right factory-ish sheen.

In today’s final push (having taken off since the 21st, I actually have to go back to work tomorrow like a normal person, boo) I finished the bulk scraping of most of the firewall. As expected it’s in pretty good shape, just some surface rust here and there where the undercoating/seal sealer failed or whatever.

After the first of many wipe-downs with mineral spirits to remove traces of undercoat and generally de-grease.

Next up I have to pull the trans out of the way (which means undoing all of like three things and sliding it forward) so I can get to the area right above the bellhousing and the diagonal patches to the sides of it. At the bottom of those is where I already refinished as part of doing the floors, so it’ll be nice to tie the two areas together.

After that area is stripped, the whole firewall needs a bit more prep (the usual sanding, feathering, rust removal, etc), some seam sealer replaced, then it’ll be ready for primer as well. Since the areas where the bottom of the fenders mount has ceased to be, I’m sort of working around that area since I still need to rebuild that metal somehow.

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