So my buddy lends me his car, a rusty old Subaru Outback sedan.

I stop at a red light and a homeless guy offers to wash my windshield.

We get to talking and he says he’ll wash the whole car, and if it’s in good condition he will buy it from me for $20,000.


Seems high for a car worth maybe $4k. But who could refuse such a come up?

I excitedly say yes, and I and my four passengers get out.

All four passengers cannot believe it. They yell at me that I’m an idiot and that homeless man is never coming back with the car, or the $20,000, and that we are now stranded on some random street corner. One of them begins offering to wash windshields with dirty water and an old newspaper just to pass the time.

Most annoyingly, this is the point where I wake up. Now I will never know how the dream ended. I will never know if I was justified in thinking the homeless man was actually a secret millionaire with a lust for crappy outbacks in tan on tan with rust accents.