So my car is totaled...

How can I determine the salvage value of my car?

I'm looking to make a good, educated decision on what to do with my car. The auto body guy is willing to buy it from me for the right price. But it's gonna be close on how much it ends up being.


The estimated repair for the above damage is about $4200. There's some potential axle damage, it's out of alignment, and the wheel is shot (stuff you can't see). Sub-frame/frame damage is possible, but I couldn't find any as I looked it over. There's $75 worth of frame repair on the estimate.

So does anyone know how I can get an accurate salvage value? Better yet, could anyone do it themselves?

Essentially, I have a safe route and a semi-but-not-so-risky route.


<- Retail Book value

For your time:


EDIT: Included damage and numbers. Again, included retail book value.

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