This is Steve.

Steve is a 98 Civic EX with a junkyard D16Y5 swapped into the spot where the stock D16Y8 used to sit atop a rebuilt 5-speed manual transmission that was installed two years ago.

Steve’s always been a little rough around the edges because he’s a cheap beater that I bought in a hurry when my old Fiero started showing signs of giving up the ghost. I’ve spent more time and money repairing and replacing things on him than he’s worth.

Tonight, after two months of faithful pizza delivery service, I pulled out of a customer’s driveway and the front end seized up. I was stuck in the middle of the road and couldn’t move. Some nice guys stopped and pushed until things started rolling and we got Steve parked out of the way in a decent neighborhood so I could come back for him after my shift.

Initially impressions told me it was a CV joint in the passenger-side axle, so I thought, “Meh, easy fix. I’ll go spend $50 on a replacement part, crawl under there tomorrow afternoon, put in an hour or two of wrenching, and I’ll be good to go.” So I got a lift from one of the other drivers and finished out my shift in the company Chevy Spark.


But now my shift is over and Steve won’t even turn over for me. I don’t know what’s wrong. He was running just fine after the initial event, but not anymore. That concerns me, because a busted CV joint shouldn’t do that.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m rather stumped and I have no money to replace the darn thing.