So, my first broadcast, commentated race was spoiled by a game crash

I've been playing Simraceway for a while, making gradual progress. Each Sunday they hold a Sunday Race-Off for in-game cash prizes, with a pre-qualifying event during the week, and final qualifying and the race on Sunday. Recently they started having events for different skill levels, as judged by the skill quantification system (Skillquant or SQ), meaning my chance might come before pigs develop aerodynamic appendages.

This event was the well-behaved BMW M3 GT2 at Brno, a circuit with mostly moderate straights and moderate corners, but some technical complexes with some tricky elevation changes. I pre-qualified 4th of 14 in the medium-fast segment (800-900 group in a range of 500-1100), earning 14 of a possible 20 points. For practice, I raced against and learned from 13 AI players, and watched this race to learn how not to have a start.

Qualifying went surprisingly well (start at 8 minutes in), snatching 2nd on the grid on my last lap, with a lap a tenth faster than pre-quali. The start went moderately less well, but not compared to the mid-field, where the start gave me a feeling of deja-vu. I lost a position, caught some oppo on cold tires, but settled in. The driver I lost the initial position to spun out, and began his yo-yo trip through the upper mid-field. At first, I lost a couple tenths a lap to the leader, but was eventually lapping a tenth under qualifying and gaining when the server decided that 8 laps was 2 too many, and the game itself crashed stupendously. The race was stopped, final positions based on the last completed lap. While the results haven't been officially published, second would give me 36 points, enough for a satisfying second behind Zandokanana, who was fastest in every session.


In the meantime, they had been having events for the other SQ groups (3 of 14 showed up for the lowest SQ group). The best and most respectful was the second-highest group.

Our was the only race interrupted, and as far as I know the first time this has happened, which is good, I guess. There's always next week for a complete race. Also, feel free to sign up and grab those lower SQ prizes, or even watch. I'll leave the final words to Leo Parente:…

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