It’s this. It’s a picture of the Spindletop gusher with the oil replaced with paint.

My friend does this art with paint mixing paint and then letting it run to make these colors and running effect. I have no idea what it’s called. I went up to visit him in October of 2016, while I was unemployed. The weekend I was there he got asked to show his art at like some open house in Nashville. I didn’t mind going as I really didn’t have anything else going on at the time. There I got an idea, it would look really cool if you replaced something with the paint. Since I had recently lost my oil job, my mind drifted to that industry and what better thing to start with then the gusher that helped start the Texas oil boom.

It took awhile, but eventually he made a mock up in photoshop.

Eventually got a cut out transferred over to some wood.


As you can see from the lead picture, added some paint.

Got it today with some other goodies.


Got some old Matchboxes!

And here’s what it looks like on my wall.


If you want to check out some more of my friend’s art: