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So my HOA has gotten a lot of complaints about how dark our parking area is at night

They caved to the pressure and installed motion sensing street lamps. There’s a catch though. *car model I didn’t know existed for your time,*

The lights are quite bright, and they stay on all the time (hmmm), but when even one light detects motion in the vicinity, every single street lamp turns off and stay off for about 5 minutes. Yep. Lights that TURN OFF when they sense motion. I would find this hilarious if I wasn’t paying for it.


I’d like to think that this is just an epic troll job, but realistically it’s just the usual brand of ineptitude and contracting out to the lowest—often unlicensed—bidder. Blah. I’m guessing 4 months until the problem gets fixed.


Oh and if you’re wondering, I’m going to check out the Volvo 850 Wagon Saturday morning. This dude sounds like a good seller. I’m pumped

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