No idea why any of the parts are like this really, does the connecting rod need to be 9in tall if the engine only has 5in of stroke?
Who knows? not me for sure! Plus, that piston is very weird.

Our graphic design teacher gave us the piston, the rod, and the crank and we had to make our block. needless to say this is kind of wasteful, and such a long connecting rod seems fishy to me, I can’t fathom it’s usage if the engine only has, again 5in of stroke.

Granted, there must be some method behind the madness, after all, he’s the professor and I am the student, I should probably shut up and actually try and understand why he made it that way. it looks almost old timey, like the locomotive connecting rods.

It is very much oversquare; it’s 4 inch bore is smaller than the 5 inch stroke....
You wonder why I use imperial units? well, its because my teacher thinks it’s just fucking dandy to use imperial units. I added a few heat sinks on the outside and I threaded part of the inside to make oil slide up and down the housing easier. If you wonder why the crank housing is so much larger than the crank, it has to do with that connecting rod.


I made a very basic Static Analysis of the parts and I only used 40lbft of force.

Those seem like small amounts of Imperial Units; not that’d know what those mean.