It's getting slower. And slower. My dad told me it has about 4% read-write capacity left in its SSD. I always knew this thing was a lemon. But then again, I've used this laptop for almost two hours a day for the last two years.

Two years. My Black plastic MacBook lasted way longer.

Apple, the seamless-unibody thing is cool. But the techies and geeks need some sort of Pro-model with more interchangeable parts other than the memory sticks.

I'm sure there is a way to change the harddrive, but it's not worth it. I can at least sell it because it's a good laptop. I need to upgrade.

I need a Pro.

And, no, I'm not changing to a PC- my entire musical, networking, and photography setups are Apple-dependent. I'm too used to it.


Does anybody have a "15 Pro or "13 Pro with the CD drive from '13? Does anybody still own a "17 Pro? Is Apple screwing with you via updates?