Right now she has a 2012 Impreza Touring with a CVT, but the XV has to have a manual. She likes that it is more easy to get in & out of. She got the CVT since me & my sister just started driving at the time so she wanted something that we could drive easily. My brother got his license 2 years ago, started driving manual 3 months ago. My sister still can’t.

Now that me & my brother can drive manual she wants a manual. I’m trying to steer her to a orange Cross Trek w/ a sport pkg. This be her first manual car since her 1990 Taurus SHO. If she follows though we have 3/5 cars in our house have manuals (My brothers/my old Sonic, my Juke, and her possible XV). The automatics are my dads Ram 2500 cummins, and my sisters VW Rabbit.