Illustration for article titled So my school has a 3D printer. . .

. . . and the students can use it! My goal for the end of next school year is to make a V12 in Catia with all the parts required. And then print it off! That means pistons, crank, flywheel, valves, cams, the whole entire thing! I will probably base it off of the Lamborghini V12 or the Colombo V12. It is going to be epic!!!


I can make it up to a 13x13x8(lenght by width by height in inches) so that should be good for a scale model! I also want it colored! The real question is, carbs or no carbs. . . of course I am going to put carbs on it.

To fill the blank spot left with no picture, I put a picture of my dream car up!

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