So my truck is fine.

After Belle Tire quoted me $726 for ball joints and a wheel bearing (which is built into the hub on Rangers, or at least, 4x4 Rangers), I went to a local place to get a quote. They said $586 for the same stuff. Now, before you say “Why not do it yourself?”

Well, it’s cold and I didn’t want the truck to be down for a while. WHat is normally a 3 hour job will take a month in my family. I don’t know how long that stuff SHOULD take, so I didn’t even think to do it ourselves.

Anyway, I drop it off, and the next day they call.

“Who actually told you that you needed this stuff? Your truck is fine and you can come get it. We won’t charge you anything, either.”


Thank god.

Also, I still can’t get over how much I love this truck.

Now, if I could just find a cleaner set of the FX4 wheels for a decent price. The picture kinda hides just how cruddy they really look. 


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