We've been discussing it a while โ€” and we have some money in savings for just that purpose. It'll be a few months until we get another car but damn, she seems to want a unicorn. See, she loved driving her VW bug convertible but it was just an unreliable POS.

And now she's stuck on a mkIV Golf. Specifically, she wants a gray, silver, or blue 4-door with a 5-speed and a sunroof. These are pretty rare to begin with, and the people that have them don't seem to want to give them up. Or, they've been modified by the hellaflush crowd. I'm a grown man in my mid-thirties and I will absolutely not buy a car from a kid who wears a flat-bill cap half-sideways. I know that's profiling or stereotyping but I'd rather wait it out. I'd rather have a car that hasn't spent half its life at full throttle if my wife wants a commuter.

I suppose I'll have to find the person who bought it as a commuter 10 years ago and decided to retire instead and tow it behind the motorhome.

We'll have one this summer or fall, but I'll have to search, and search.