Spent 5 hours today organizing cables and I loved it. Went from this:

To this:


For *some reason* a CCTV system still exists and the signal goes out overa bunch of coax to CAT5 converters. All of the CAT5 cable just goes up into a hole in the ceiling, no patch panel or anything, and all of the cables had to go to the exact same port and I had no way to label anything so I had to re-do this one cable at a time. Coax goes left-right, power cables and CAT5 go up-down. All of it now comes out one side of the rack instead of wrapping around it so I can just pull the whole shebang out the rack without unplugging anything and move it into the closet once I get a mount made up for it. I’m usually not a fan of zip ties but as this is a permanent installation that should never have to be screwed with I figured their superior holding ability and cheap price relative to velcro would be wanted.