Well, no. I don't. This is just a LEGO model, after all.

But besides the 12.0-liter, 960 hp, twin-supercharged diesel V12 hidden underneath the main cabin in front (Disclaimer: It's not a V12 underneath that. It's just six grilled tiles), I have nine 2.5L double-row diesel radial engines, with 8 pistons a row. Of course, it's modernized to combat the negatives associated with radials. Yes, it's the driving ring pieces in the middle. Yes, the blue grilled tiles underneath are used just to cool them all. No, it isn't really gonna happen, but this is just a LEGO model. Bear with me.

As for that boom... I do not know. At all. How. To make it spin around and raise the boom and still do all that without literally ripping the whole model apart. Guying and such. And how to attach that boom to the space behind the engine bay as rigid and stable as possible.


The only other part that I can do is the outriggers. But even then, I still have to deal with the space between the main cabin and the gigantic engine bay.