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So now they're not going to even attempt delivery?

Illustration for article titled So now theyre not going to even iattempt/i delivery?
Screenshot: Louis DeJoy

I have multiple packages in this ‘available for pickup’ state. If I wanted to drive across town to get my stuff I would have arranged for that but crazy me, I wanted it brought to my house...


UPDATE: I drove down to the post office in a massive thunderstorm to get my packages. In line ahead of me was someone from the same street with the same problem. The lady went to the back and found no packages for either of us, saying that the carrier probably still had them on their vehicle. WTF??? What were they doing yesterday instead of working? So now today maybe possibly if the carrier decides to work I may get my stuff but I’m not holding my breath. I want to be their when things arrive due to rampant pitch pirates, but I’ve made other plans since I expected to pick up my parcels. This is annoying. 

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