10 being easy as pie, and 1 being a unicorn that shits bricks made out of fairy dust.

I would say a 4 to 5ish for my car(thank you depreciation!), depending on the model. What I am really worried about is the maintenance. Oil chances? Not so bad, you can do that yourself(I know crazy, right!)

Air filter? Yup. Although, this is from a Gallardo. You can basically do all the basic stuff by yourself, instead of spending a couple hundred to have some guy do the same exact thing.


No, the scary part comes when it is time for service intervals. Every 15K miles or so. I heard it is $4K for the 15K one, and $2K for the 7500 one.

When it comes time to replace the clutch, thats gonna be 5K, this is where you don't want an E-gear, cause they go through clutches like a mofo. The manual is not only more fun but actually saves the clutch.

And don't get me started about insurance. I think it ranges from 540(some people with diablos) to about 2000 dollars per year(from info I have gathered).


Then what about the tires. . . oh god, those have to cost what, 400, 500 dollars a pop?

EVO did a 3 year test and it cost them about $16K to keep this on the road. I guess that isn't too crazy.

Man, I am scaring myself out of wanting one.

Nevermind, all fixed. Still want one really badly. Anyway, this seems to turned into a rant. So I am ending it now!