So oppo how was your day

I spent the past hour replacing the main fuel filter on the alfa

in a gravel parking lot.......

I went to the local autozone to buy some oil for the alfa and the jag and like a mile from the ‘zone the alfa conks out and dies. I pull into a parking lot and start it back up and rev it up to 2k and it dies. I do the alfa basics, fiddle with the fuses, hit the pump, jump the fuse. Nothing, so i push the alfa to the side of the lot and start the trek back.


after 30 minutes of walking i make it.

I grab a zesty drink, a filter, a pump and a box of fuses.


After laying on 90F gravel and creating a small environmental hazard I replace the filter and hope that it fixes it, I start the car and BAM it fires right up and goes to a 800 rpm idle. I rev it a few times to make sure it’s fixed and i start driving home.




I probably should of replaced it a while back

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