So Oppo, how's your evening been? Oh let me tell you about mine (super loaded post).

The project: add 6 shallow mount LEDs ceiling lights and a fan to my living room. Figured out which way the rafters are going - cool, they’re heading to the knee wall attic - easy.

Welllll first I couldn’t find a star bit for the screws I used to seal the knee wall attic access. After drilling a hole I pulled out wood shavings which turned out to be the spine of a mouse that died. It was probably older than me. Drill kept dying, couldn’t find my chorded one. Blown in insulation sucks ass. My catch all cone dumped not once but twice. Hit the handle release on my vacuum which isn’t bad but the bottom opened as well and dumped everything on my floor. Now I have 5 of 7 holes drilled and am waiting til the morning. Oh yeah, 7th hole is the ceiling fan. So I have a 4inch metal pipe running through my ceiling. It runs from kitchen towards front of the house - no idea what for. There’s no exhaust vents or fans, I never saw the exit in my knee wall attic, no bathrooms nearby. No idea what it’s for. But it’s in the way of my ceiling fan box so that’ll be fun.

Ok so I think I’m ordering this combo for the 250. They’re proper directional so would you run them all saw tooth style or Sonic the hedgehog style?


The rest of the mouse/rat/ squirrel is staying in the ceiling.


Works amazing til you dump it on yourself.


Also wtf are these?

Wheel/tire combo because mobile kinja is horrific:

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