So oppo, I have been in the market for a car for a few months (basically since I got my learners permit), and I found the car on craigslist, and the guy who was selling it only lived about 5 blocks away, which was really nice so we didn't have to go very far to test drive it.

Its a 2000 mercury mountaineer, with 2 previous owners, but the people we bought it from had only owned it for about a year and didn't drive it too much, and the original owners took very good care of it, its in good shape overall.

Its pretty much fully loaded, power seats, power windows, AC that actually works (which is wonderful, especially this year becuase its been about 10 degrees hotter than normal for the past month), an aftermarket sony stereo, a "computer" with fuel left, miles left, average mpg, and temp. and full time 4x4 (does this make it 4WD or AWD if i can select auto 4X4, 4HI, or 4LO

It has 170k miles on it, and fairly bald tires that will need to be replaced in the next year or so. its the AWD (or 4WD) V6 model, no V8, which makes it feel slightly underpowered considering how big it is, and the turning radius is fairly large, visibility is much better than I would think for such a big car. I only paid $2300 for it, and it has a very new fuel pump (literally 12 hours old) A review should be coming up fairly soon, I've only driven it around a parking lot for a few minutes, so when I get a little more seat time I'll try and write up a review.

and no, its not a stick, its an auto, the car had to be an auto and a decent price (fairly low since I paid for it with my own money)


Leave a comment as to your first car buying experience, and if you could get a different first car, what would it be. and good night oppo

(P.S. I'll try and post some pictures once I get some good ones during the day).