So oppo, what did you do this weekend?

I took my SO to the airport to fly to Sri Lanka for 2 weeks, which means plenty of time to muck about with cars :)

So far I’ve welded up the two gaping holes in the boot of the Citroen, and one of the three holes in the sills. The little plate I made up is one of the most bastard ones I’ve done to date. Three opposing bends in close proximity don’t lend themselves to fitting easily in a vice :S


I’ve also washed and cleaned the inside of the Jaaaag for the first time since before the winter :S I forgot how nice it looks when it’s clean :)


I’ve also done a bit of mucking around with alloy pipe trying to make extensions for my inlet trumpets on the Spitfire, but I can’t fix them together yet :S I’ve got everything that my new TIG welder needs bar a bottle of argon and it’s a bank holiday here so I’m stuck :(

Still, progress!

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