So, Opponauts, I have a question I need some help with. About this beauty.

I’m looking at replacing one or more lifters in our Escalade ESV for the second time in 6 months due to an AFM malfunction.


At 124k, it’s starting to really get on my nerves. How can a 6 year-old Escalade with a Chevy truck engine be so much less reliable than my flogged, 18 year-old M3 with 204k miles on the clock? Blame it on this new-fangled AFM/DoD (cylinder deactivation) I guess, but color me not impressed.

We regularly take long - LONG - road trips. And I should mention that we have 4 kids, so the third row is a requirement.

I feel like I’m ready to ditch it, and while the brand new 2016 Escalade we have for a loaner right now is really nice, I always really wished we’d gotten that X5 5.0 V8 turbo that drove like my wife’s CTS-V.

But then in 2014 Range Rover added a third row to the Sport, giving us a new option for a both CTS-V replacement and family hauler.


The problem though is that I can’t seem to find any with the third row.

Like, ANY. NONE.

Any Opponauts out there know if third row RR Sports are just not available in real life, or at least in the US? Or if they’re only available in certain weird, unpopular options packages?

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