So i dropped off my 100 series land cruiser at the Goodyear by my office. I’ve been using them for two years, mainly out of convenience, and been happy ado far.

For some background, i use my truck to explore the national forests, and have some mild mods: small lift, aftermarket skid plates, 33" tires, fox shocks, etc. Anyways, i dropped off my truck for an oil charge and front sway bar bushings. I got the call it was done and walked over. Right away i notice they hadn’t put my skid plates back on, since you can see them from the side. They bring it back in and put them on. However they still missed the transfer case skid. I bring this up and they insist it didn’t have one. Bullshit. We go back and forth and i leave in anger. Five minutes later i get a call that they found it. Goo figure. I go back and take it from them, i don’t let them install it.

So tonight i have some time and go out to put it back on, since we’re headed up north this weekend. To my delight i find that instead of using my existing bolt holes, they’ve put big self tapping screws into my frame and transmission cross member. They did tell me that some bolts broke when they were reinstalling the skid, but they said they removed them. No word of drilling new holes. As a result of them putting in new screws in non - original spots, i can’t even install my transfer case skid plate.

I dropped it off this morning, reamed the manager, and told them to fix their f-up by using rivet nuts or something. The key is, i live in salt country and now have a bunch of new holes in my frame, skids, and cross member. Do i make them replace them? I have no problem going to small claims over this.

Here are some pictures to show what I’m dealing with