If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

So raaaaare

I mean...not SO rare, but whatever.

I recently found out what this number means.


That’s right, limited edition baby. Anyway, thanks to some intrepid folks on the forum I finally know what this actually means in context

So here it is.

· Toyota Sold a total of 14,981 of the 1997 model year Land Cruisers.

· For model year 1997, 44% of the Land Cruisers were special editions. This includes both 40th and Collector Edition.

· The special edition sales were 26% 40th Anniversary and 17% Collector Edition.

· Of the 3,946 - 40th Anniversary models, 1,604 were equipped with factory diff locks for a total of 41% install rate.


· Of the 2,616 Collector Edition models, 822 were equipped with factory diff locks for a total of 31% diff lock install rate.

So out of the Limited edition series I now know that mine is #3229 of 3,946

I also know that since mine has the factory locker option its only 1 of 1,604 in the anniversary edition so equipped.


I also know that only 3,064 were made in my color.

So special.

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