Today, my truck that I use at my business had been neglected for a while. Many long trips, not regularly washed or cleaned out. I smoke, eat, drink, live in that Dodge truck sometimes.

I was finally not busy for a change. I decided to go clean it out, give it a good claybar, buff and wax. I wanted to fix a few small spots of orange peel, and give the truck what I really intended to do to it within the first week of ownership. A GOOD detail, and coats of wax to keep that new truck look it had when I bought it.

I start with 2 buckets, clean it inside and out. Get the q tips out to get the ashes out of the vents without disassembly.(I took one off before and ended up breaking it, replaced it and swore never to attempt to remove them again) Get the inside looking better than it did sitting on the Dodge dealer’s lot. Get the outside shining like a diamond. Got all the bugs that were previously surgically implanted in the front chrome grill out.


Take it to the Dodge dealer for it’s recall. Decide while I’m there, get it’s oil change, tire rotation and different computers updated to the current firmware.

Here’s where it goes downhill. Keep in mind, this is the same dealer I’ve bought 4 brand new Ram 5500 Chassis cab trucks at. They’ve known me for a while. They know my trucks are clean, always maintained and look brand new regardless of mileage. The outside looked like it went mudding or was parked next to some bro-dozer who decided to wash his mud off next to my truck. The inside had muddy prints all over the front and back floors(its a crew cab), the door panels at the bottom. Interior had trash in it. The truck was there 3-4 hours today. In that time, they ruined all my efforts from earlier.

I still haven’t made up my mind on whether or not, to not take any of my trucks there again, make them pay for a detail that meets my approval or return my 3 day old truck(not the one I just cleaned,another truck). They swore I brought it in like that. Acted like it was not them at all and was me. If I would have thought about it, I would have drove around back to see mud on the ground(hindsight is 20/20).

I’m half tempted to take my newest truck back, and talk to the owner of that dealer. I usually deal with him. He prefers the business customers deal with him DIRECTLY and not just some sales man. He takes REALLY good care of business customers. He wasn’t available today or I would have dealt with him. I’ll be going back up Monday to drop in and talk to him. He always comments my trucks look better than some of the new ones.


Sad part is, I woke up early and started at 6am with that truck. It really looked clean. I was actually happy with the way it looked after all that. 5 hours of work, down the drain.

I know Monday if this isn’t sorted out. I’ll take that truck back and go to a different Dodge dealer and buy it again. I just have a feeling that some Bro Dozer driving idiot did it and told his boss, it was like that. They have a few parked there on a regular basis, whether they’re employees or customers I don’t know.