Since June 30th, 2016.....

  • I moved out of my parents house
  • Transferred job locations
  • Killed my 93 Ranger 4.0
  • Borrowed My Parents Van
  • Killed the transmission because my parents didnt change the ATF or the motor mounts in it. The trans moved 6"+ when put into gear and the fluid was blacker than A Demon’s soul
  • Broke the deraillieur off my bike
  • Borrowed a bike from my brother and spent $72 on parts to fix my bike.
  • Rode 10 miles at an average speed of 9.5mph and a top speed of 40mph.

My mom and I are going to look at a 1998 4.0 4x4 manual explorer and a 4.0 4x4 manual cherokee. So at least theres promise that I’ll get some wheels, but unless I can find a place to put my truck; I’m probably gonna have to sell it. It may kill me to do that

The cherokee:


The explorer:


Also my boss wanted wendys today so I got to drive his 513hp cobb tuned 2011 wrx. That was fun. Although I hate subaru clutches, theyre all the same