Last year on July 4 some local neighbor dumbasses set their shit on fire and when I tried to call the local fire department this one dumbass started getting up all in my face about it. Should I just call the fire department this year anyway just to fuck with them, or just leave well enough alone?

EDIT/UPDATE: I should clarify, 1.) I meant call the cops, not the firefighters, 2.) fireworks are illegal in this county, 3.) read the following comic

and 4.) Forget about 4.), there wasn’t much need for me to go into that nastiness in the first place.

But if you’re wondering what I ended up doing I ended up doing...nothing, because I decided Xylo was right (her comment is re-approved down below) and on the off-chance this woman’s livelihood is threatened by calling in the cops for a fireworks violation I didn’t want to be a massive dick about it.