So sick of people illegally parking in the handicapped spaces!!!!11!1!

Where I have to go three or four nights a week, there’s a couple handicapped spots with a cross-hatched section between them for van ramps outside a few businesses, one that has a lot of child traffic.

NEARLY EVERY TIME I’m there some uppity entitled parent parks in the handicapped spots to drop off/pick up their offspring.


Last night, I had to confront one.

As my daughter was entering my car through the right rear door, the lady in the Buick approached. It was as my daughter was closing her door did I see her headlight RIGHT IN MY RIGHT MIRROR.

Too close.

So I told her “Hey, if you’re going to park illegally in the handicapped spot, don’t get so close to my car. You nearly hit my door”


She claimed she didn’t think she got close, totally negating the fact that she was parked illegally. AND BADLY, half in the van ramp. In fact, when I reminded her she was still parked illegally she rolled up her window and pretended like I wasn’t there.

So I reported it. Not her, mind you, just the PLETHORA of parents I see doing this in that lot. The local PD said they’d keep an eye on. I know they will, when I go for walks around the area at night they’re always sitting in adjacent parking lots and streets doing bupkis.


Fucking lazy entitled suburban luxury SUV drivin’ thoughtless careless good for nothin’.....

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