So sick of this stupid Dodge Demon RANT.

All the dumb teasers and bits of info and photos and crap. I don’t even care about the stupid thing anymore. The pointless bundle of crap that comes with it the HP the drag tires or whatever I don’t freaking give a crap!

It’s a childish lame way of promoting a car and I think not very manly. If I were in charge noone would know about the car and then it would just show up at a track one day and rip a nice 1/4 mile and then photos of it would be taken for magazine advertisements and then later it would go on sale.

It is a clickbait of a car only rich tools who will never race them let alone drive them on the street. The people who want to drag race will build up a car instead of buying some fat turd. The Dodge demon is for people who want a car someone else has driven a low quarter mile so they can drive it to car shows and sit in a lawn chair and brag to everyone how quick their car potentially is.

It will be very expensive and have huge dealer markups and noone will care about it in two years.

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