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So some of you like old IBM things

Had this come in from a client, it is being disposed of, but I thought a few of you might find it interesting.

What we have here is the IBM Intellistation Z Pro 6223

The Intellistation Z Pro 6223 line ran from 2004 to 2007 and boasted a RAID card, 3 HDD bays, Intel Xeon processors, up to 16 GB of ram, and shipped with Windows XP


This example was built in 2006, it currently has 5 GB of RAM, however only 2 GB are recognized due to a damaged DIMM slot. It is also configured with 2, 250 GB IBM eServer hard disks in RAID 0, and 2 Intel Xeon Processors running at 3.2 GHz. Physical specs are as follows:

Height: 469.9 mm (18.5 in.) Depth: 495.3 mm (19.5 in.) Width: 215.9 mm (8.5 in.) Weight: 16.2 kg (36 lb) to 22.6 kg (50 lb)


The IntelliStation Z Pro line also included video cards supplied by nvidia, they were from the Quadro line, this specimen has the Quadro FX3500 with 256 MB of DDR3 memory.


The inside of the case is tool less, access to the hard drives is gained by sliding the cage release lever from front to rear and then lifting a tab that allows the entire cage to pivot up/outwards, you then disconnect the fan assembly to access the drives.


At the back of the machine we find a plethora of ports ideal for 2006, PS2 keyboard and mouse, line in, out and mic, a 1394 port, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port, 1 10/100/1000 Ethernet and 2 DVI ports on the graphics card.


Anyway, if I can repair the damaged pin in the 3rd DIMM slot, I may just load a copy of XP and play some vintage games on some matching hardware.

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