I bought a Porsche! Or, the bank did and they’re generously loaning it to me for a while.

Specifically, I bought a 2014 Cayman S with Dark Blue Metallic over a Luxor Beige interior. Manual obviously. I think I got a great deal, but I’m still in shock that I actually did this... nerves...


In any case, it still has 4 months on the factory warranty, then has 2 years under the CPO warranty. They did a bunch of stuff to get it certified, enough that I likely don’t need the full 30k checkup in 7k miles, so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

One of my main gripes was that the luxor beige interior has been part of a lawsuit due to the glare on the windshield. It’s very visible, but I barely notice it driving, and polarized sunglasses knock it down to almost nothing. I was against this interior, but man it feels so luxurious, and bright. Definitely changed my mind on it.


I don’t know if you all care about all the options, but feel free to ask. There’s a lot of cool stuff, but seeing as it’s a Porsche there are obviously a ton of options it doesn’t have. I’m very happy that it didn’t have the 20" wheels I’ve seen so often in my research. I like the steering wheel most over the other 2 types. It has the sport chrono package I believe too.


So, while I practice pronouncing Porsche with 2 vowels, what do you guys want to know?

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