Winter is upon us and I get the car shopping bug. It truly is the season that people want to unload sports cars for cheaper than the upcoming spring.

Let me start by saying the M4 is a great car. As I have said in my 6 month review about acquiring and living with the car. But I have always wanted to cross over to the Porsche dark side since I was a wee lad. And price comparison inspired by Tavarish’s “why buy a new GTI when you can get a V10 ‘something’ for the same price” has led me back to the P-car hunt.

Cars like this are becoming cheaper every day and I think will be future classics in their own right. Maybe not quite to the 993 level, but of the modern cars from this century they are quite handsome.

So please, tell me not to buy it.

Or this one....

Or am I crazy to have not bought (this) one already?