So tempted

So, due to my accident (full coverage) and currently being workless due to COVID, I actually have a LOT of money coming my way this month.

including my savings, I have about 17.5K that is set aside.

I COULD: buy new gear, a used R1, and go laughing.

however. for ONCE in my life, Im actually going to be responsible. I’m going to invest in the stock market to try and maybe bump that to a nice even 20K. maybe more. And once this covid shit is over and I have a proper income from work again, cash out and then buy something buts (new R....maybe a super duke? or used R1 still and restore the 250 and 750) does one get start with actually getting into the stock market? I have no idea. (apps? accounts I need to set up? what do scooby doo?)

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